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Perform and compete at the highest level of functional fitness, no matter your current level of experience. The program incorporates strength, skill and energy system development into a comprehensive program with double days including a weekly swim. Now with free optional Strength, Gymnastics and Engine tracks to help work your weakness'. Weekly coaching video updates and explanations and coaching feedback/analysis. The first month is at half price (£19.99). 

5-8 x Sessions per week

£39.99 per month



A home workout program that requires no equipment. The program has you running, performing bodyweight strength, cardio, and basic gymnastics moves. Suitable for all levels.


6 x Sessions per week

£9.99 per month 


​Designed for athletes of all sports backgrounds. The sole aim of the programme is to make you stronger, faster and fitter. Training phases focused on strength, power and conditioning different energy systems, including 3-4 sessions per week in the gym and on the field of play. This is everything you need to reach your athletic potential.

4 x Sessions per week

£19.99 per month

aod hiit

This High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programme will help improve your fitness while focusing on strengthening your upper body, legs and core. Designed to be used in conventional gyms using kettlebells/dumbells, barbells, cardio kit and bodyweight movements.

3 x Sessions per week

£9.99 per month

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