what people are saying about AOD

Tom, 34

AOD has been a massive game-changer for me and these guys have such an in-depth understanding of the sport and really tailor it to my strengths and weaknesses. Roll on another 147 sessions!

Ivor, 67

Having retired from the army in 2006 and then full retirement in 2012, I had allowed myself to become overweight and very unfit. Now I find myself really enjoying and working hard in the gym again. Doing things I couldn't have mere months ago.

Helen, 25

Since joining AOD Programming I've seen big improvements in my strengths AND weakness'. I'm a more well-rounded athlete and I've learnt a lot about training and competing.

Harry, 24

Since starting the program I have seen huge improvements in my strength and conditioning. The program has given me challenging but achievable goals whilst having expert guidance from the coaches to improve all aspects of my training


This is a brilliant program. I have a home gym as for convenience being self employed and my work being very sporadic. It means I can take the gym with me and all my programs too and not rely on classes at a gym. I can message the AOD coaches if there is an exercise I can’t do and they're always fantastic with coming up with alternatives. From being on the program I feel empowered, confident, fitter and strong. It’s fantastic

Harry, 21

I noticed personal gains and improvements very soon when joining the AOD programming. For me gymnastics has been a considerable weakness that I knew deep down I needed to work on in preparation for the competition season. Prior programmes I have followed have been good and built me to a good conditioning state... but lacked accessory/capacity work specific to certain areas of crossfit which I so desperately needed. I could not be happier with the structure of the programme the guys provide!

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